Scale models made by Britains, Universal Hobbies and Ertl

The collection has started with only 1/32 scale models made by Britains. This is a result of my childhood, because used to play with these tractors. Since the rise of Universal Hobbies the collection has expanded with the 1/16 precision models, also the 1/16 precisions made by Ertl are in the collection.

The collection contains also the Britains catalogues from 1965 until 2006. Britains has published an annual catalogue, in later years even in two different formats. The large format is the "Trade Catalogue" for dealers and the smaller version of "Toy Catalogue" for consumers. In the early years, the catalogue also contained a price list.

Do you have any double catalogues or models not listed on our website? Please let us know, we would like to swap with you.